News about this year's events

2021/09/09 - 12
2021/10/01 & 02
2021/10/29 &30

Under the title BluesBaltica are three festivals and numerous other blues activities:


Blues Festival Eutin
Exhibition & Concerts
German Blues Challenge  


Hamburg Blues Nights
German Blues Awards 


Responsible is the non-profit association Baltic Blues e.V. in Eutin.

Nachrichten zu den Veranstaltungen in diesem Jahr

Also this year we are forced to reschedule due to Corona.

More information can be found in the news of the respective event pages.

31st BluesBaltica/Bluesfest Eutin
(21.- 24. May 2021) is cancelled.

31st BluesBaltica/Bluesfest Eutin,
September 09-12, 2021.

Due to the new date, the Challenge has to be postponed and will then be held indoors at the Eutiner Brauhaus (as in the past) because of the late season:

12th German Blues Challenge with Festival and German Blues Awards
01.+ 02 . October 2021 in the Brauhaus Eutin.

And later we would have:

8th Hamburg Blues Nights,
29 + 30 October 2021.

Bluesfestival digital
may 2021

On 23.05.2021 there will be a “show” via internet with live concerts, live interviews and reports. Details can be found here:

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Some news about the upcoming events this year

Our current planning includes as follows – GOOD news and bad news:

The bad news first:
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, we assume that there will be no major events allowed in May of this year. Therefore the 31st BluesBaltica / Bluesfest Eutin on May 21-24 2021 will be canceled.

Now for the GOOD ones:
We really think that in September it will be possible to have festivals like ours. We have therefore set an alternative date:

31st BluesBaltica / Bluesfest Eutin, September 09-12 2021.
Most sponsors gave a “thumbs up” and our request to the city of Eutin for permission is already on its way. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Due to the new date of the Bluesfest we had to reschedule the date of the Blues Challenge, too.

Because of the late season we will host it indoors (like in former times):

12th German Blues Challenge with Festival and German Blues Awards
+ 02. October 2021 in the Brauhaus Eutin.

Furthermore we plan:
8th Hamburg Blues Nights, October 29th + 30th, 2021.


To shorten the time we are also planning an

Eutiner Bluesfest – digital!
On May 23 2021 (afternoon + evening) we will host an online “show” with live concerts, live interviews, video clips and a lot more.

Stay tuned!