Our programme plans 2021.

(Of course under “Corona reservation”, but if it is true that there can hardly be a severe course already after the 1st vaccination, as the government has been spreading for quite some time, there should be no restrictions at all already from the beginning of August if the vaccination tempo remains the same…)

"Blues survives everything!"


Thursday, 09. September 2021 

17.00-18.15h           Michael v. Merwyk & The Jookbox Zoo (D) -Blues, Songs & Stories-

18.45-20.15h          Sakis Dovolis Trio (GR) -Bluesrock-

21.00-23.00h          Malone Sibun Band (USA/GB) -Rockin´ Rhythm´n´Blues-

Specials of the day:

23.30h     Nightsession at Brauhaus mit 2 Bands (Marktplatz).

Friday, 10. September 2021

16.00-17.30h           Sons & Preachers (Indonesien/D) -Rockin´ vintage Blues´n´Funk-

18.15-20.00h           Natural Boogie (DK) -Blues, Folk,Soul-

21.00-23.00h           Neal Black & The Healers (USA/F) -Rockin´Blues´n´Boogie from Texas-

23.30h     Nightsession at Brauhaus mit 2 Bands (Marktplatz).

Saturday, 11. September 2021

13.00-14.30h           The Chilkats (D) -Jumpblues-

15.15-17.00h            Nave & The Ghost Collectors (N) -Blues between Rock and Indie-

18.00-20.00h          Trainmen Blues feat Copenhagen Slim (DK/IRL) -Contemporary Blues between Roots & HipHop-

21.00-23.00h            Kai Strauss & the Electric Blues Allstars feat. Tommi Harris (D/USA) -Chicagoblues-

Specials of the day:

23.30h     Nightsession AT Brauhaus mit 2 Bands (Marktplatz).

Sunday, 12. September 2021 

13.00-14.30h          Smooth Gentlemen (PL) -Blues, Soul,  Boogie-

15.15-17.00h           The Bluesanovas (D) -Roots, Boogie & Rock´n´Roll-

17.45-19.30h           Vanesa Harbek (Argentinien/D) -Blues between Latin & R´n´B-

20.15-22.15h           Grand final: “Hosted Session” with G. Schroeter & M. Breitfelder (D) and guests: