Broadcast schedule with the scheduled broadcast times of the main contributions completed with short video messages:

16.00 Start of the broadcast

ca. 16.00 Waldi Weiz Trio (D) -Live-

Blues from Thuringia by a Berliner by choice, who also appreciates and masters many varieties of jazz. Waldi Weiz is considered a guitar virtuoso and cult figure of the scene. Waldi Weiz git, Mathias Stolpe harp, Carlos Dalelane bass

16.30 Dani De Vita (Argentina)
The young Argentinean played the Eutin Bluesfest 2017. Great, authentic blues at it’s very best. Dani De Vita git, voc

16.45 Interview to Kiel with G. Schroeter & M. Breitfelder

17.00 Interview with Michael van Merwyk and video-music-player

17.30h Kat Baloun & Nina T. Davis (USA/D) -Live-
Women playing the blues harp are unfortunately not that common in the scene. The American Kat Baloun, who lives in Berlin, is one of the exceptions. Together with the exceptional pianist Nina T. Davis they are a real tip for great concerts. Kat Baloun (harp, voc), Nina T. Davis (p)

18.15 Chris Kramer & Beat’n’Boxin’Blues (D)
A truly exceptional trio. It combines traditional blues with modern sounds. Blues + Beatbox’n

= Grandios! Winner of the German Blues Challenge 2016. Chris Kramer (harp, git, voc) Kevin O’Neal (beatbox) and Sean Athems (git).

18.30 Richie Arndt Band feat. Gregor Hilden (D), video music player.
A new exciting project of two best known guitarists of the German blues scene: british
British-inspired blues rock of the special class. Richie Arndt (git, voc), Gregor Hilden (git, voc), Sascha Oeing (b), Peter Weißbarth (dr).

19.00 Pugsley Buzzard & Micha Maas (Australia/D) -Live-
What a duo: Pugsley’s charismatic voice and his powerful boogie piano, paired with Micha’s driving drums. It doesn’t get any better than that! Pugsley Buzzard (piano, voc) Micha Maas (dr).

19.45 Interview with Leo Gehl (former editor Blues, DLF)

20.00Interview after Norway with Maldito, then video music player.
You were in Eutin in 2018. Their music: as it should be for youngsters- powerful rocking blues. Great band! Line up: Vegard Ring (voc), Bendik Brevik (git), Sondre Iver Vikan Johansen (B), Gard Rognskog (dr).

20.45 The Bluesanovas (D) -video-music-players-.
Modern retro blues that immediately goes from the ear to the legs. The quintet is the blues party band par excellence. Winner of the German Blues Challenge 2019. melvin Schulz (voc.), Filipe Henrique (git), Nico Dreier (keys), Tim Kirschke b), Philipp Dreier (dr).

21.15 PM Marc Breitfelder & Georg Schroeter (D, Kiel) -video-music-players-.
Georg & Marc are one of the most successful German blues duos (winners of the IBC and several German Blues Awards. Their music: modern, rousing blues’n’boogie. Georg Schroeter (p, voc), Marc Breitfelder (harp) Tim Engel (dr), Kalle Reuter (git).

21.45 Kalle Reuter & Friends (D, Kiel) -video-music-player-.
The youngster from Kiel is always developing with many of his own songs. Always an exciting experience… Kalle Reuter (git), Martin Röttger (dr), Marc Breitfelder (harp), Georg Schroeter (p, voc)

22.15Uhr Sons & Preachers (D, Kiel) -video-music-player-
Vintage sound paired with a modern approach is their motto. Clear blues-based rock with funk and soul influences. Groovy drums, guitar licks à la Lenny Kravitz, a screaming Hammond organ and biting rock choruses make the four guys from Kiel a real insider tip. Yonatan Pandelaki (Hammond, keys, vocals), Tobias Lemberger (electric guitar, vocals), Myriam Lemberger (vocals) and Volker Starr (drums).

23.00 Navé & the Ghost Collectors (Norway) -Interview and feed-.

23.15 Lisa Mills (USA) -Interview and player-.